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Many organizations are going global now. Globalization means different things for different companies. Expanding businesses into international markets requires proper planning—and, even more critically, internationalization and localization services. Founded in 2003, WordCube specializes in providing internationalization and localization services and preparing organizations to localize into various languages and locales. We offer leading localization, translation, and eBusiness solutions for web applications with the right combination of people, processes, and technology. At WordCube, you will have a dependable translation, interpretation, editing, writing, software localization, website localization, multimedia localization, and publishing partner.

WordCube is an innovation-driven company. We pride ourselves on being a game-changer for organizations seeking to globalize. We understand that when selling in global markets, organizations need to develop multilingual content effectively. Therefore, our expert consultants will help you prepare for complex technical and cultural realities. WordCube allows you to access real-world expertise and address all the phases of globalization. Translation, editing, writing, localization, and publishing services from WordCube are aimed at delivering accurate human-powered global linguistic services that facilitate effective communication. To view our work, customer-friendly services, and partnership with the top international organizations, explore our portfolio and the list of clients taking their businesses around the globe.

WordCube comes with an interactive interface that allows customers to place orders, manage projects, and seek online support according to the services required. WordCube is a privately-owned company that works for the world’s leading organizations. Through innovative and advanced technologies, WordCube provides leading globalization services to enterprises seeking globalization and enables them to bridge the gap between countries and cultures. In addition to language translation and localization, Wordcube offers quality eBusiness solutions, business services, quality assurance, and testing services aimed at helping enterprises achieve their business goals.

With years of expertise and successful projects with Fortune 500 companies like Honeywell International and Star Alliance, WordCube offers a matchless level of efficiency and quality. Our expert consultants help you make your assets more relevant to your targeted audience. Once you decide to tap the power of localization, you will outperform your competitors and win customers for life. Every global company needs language resources to expand worldwide. Therefore, WordCube consultants maximize the positive impact of your internal resources and bring the best possible process to meet your localization requirements. With WordCube, you will not lose valuable time learning translation and localization tools and implementing the appropriate strategies for your global presence. Place an order or submit an instant quote request to begin today!